Just a Sunday

I finally got a picture of my ass, really this is my second but, you can see the problem, it got photo-shopped out by God.


I guess I am just proud because it is not tits.  Tits can be so boring.   It is funny my ass looks so much more ass-full when I blocked out the details.


So I Actually Had Fun


I liked taking my lei pics.  most of the other ones have just felt like I owed it, you know, if you are going to start whining about having tits, I do want to see them. 

It is only fair.  But taking pictures can be fun, if annoying.  I took lots of lei pics.  even tried to take one of my ass,but that is hard as my ass, kinda sucks and it is behind me.   Plus feeling all brave and nippily, and my nipples are all super pink and poke out but fail to show up.  That is frustrating.   I have learned a lot.   I have learned that the effects don’t really help the situation.   I can’t seem to make my nips stand out.   I am learning about more effects but not understanding them really yet.

I have changed from, yes bras all the time, to I can’t stand bras and up with bouncing titties.  I mean really nothing turns me on more then watching my husband make me bounce.  I can see it in the mirror you know.   I don’t know why it turns me on and it makes me feel like a bad person for some reason.   But I don’t want to be boring people with lei pics. so took some new ones.  I don’t want people to be all, “She is going on about that lei again, give us a break”

You may wonder why I have all this Hawaiian themed b.s.   well, we are having a stupid Hawaiian themed work-event this week that I am in charge of showing up for a client in a grass skirt,whatever.    My boss will be back from his work trip by then, I am feeling confident I am a better person now.

But because I liked the lei pictures and am always taking boring pictures of my tits, here is something a little different.  Oh the

Pink Lei

Some days I just feel so alive and it is hard to work.  I am starting to have more fun with taking pictures.  I wish I had real lights though and a better camera and I HATE blurring out my room.  I am having a good day though, hope y0u are too.





So Then

I am soooo sore.  Oh boy

I was going to follow up with a picture in a bra, but they seem so boring so

I found a way to post nekkid without people knowing who I am so got all crazy!

Breaking Up Is Hard, Even If You Are Not Breaking Up

So today.

I had to deal with the fact that I kissed this really good friend of mines friend.  That I let his friend put his hand on my hip, that it felt so soft and good.  That he felt so tall and wonderful.  Everyone agrees, guy I let kiss me, or guy I kissed is really nice.

My friend wouldn’t talk to me for like a week.   I am kind of in love with my friend in the same way I loved Z.  I love him with all my heart.  I would love to fuck his brains out.   Men don’t seem to love women in the same way though.  I can love friend all I want but he wants devotion, I fail at that.   He wants me to love him only, I fail. I love.

I said something about another man.  Another friend that I kissed that got all oh my heart with me.  I loved him too.  I loved him like you wouldn’t believe, but no.  It doesn’t always work.    I told him, I said I loved him with all my heart but we are just friends.  We are friends.

Current friend said, “I know”

He said the right words but the energy between us felt so sad.    So lonely, so hurtful.   Oh I love him.  Oh I wish that who is in and out of my pussy wasn’t so important.  Oh I wish I could just express the love I feel.   I wish people could love me without wanting to own my pussy.

Sometimes men want to put their hands gently on me.  Sometimes it feels so good.  Instead he said,  “Aren’t you married?”   he shamed me.

So This Is Weird

I am wearing a mulberry bustier, but it looks like I am not wearing anything.  I tried from the top this time.  That is not my nipple that is ribbing from the bustier.    My nips were safely tucked in