I Found This Cool Jacket

Of course I can’t wear it.  At first I have a bra on, it mashes me down and makes the buttons fit closer but squeezes me together.  I become looser and looser.

I think cabinet guy is mad at me and have to work with grabbing ass guy tomorrow. I don’t have an interesting ass, but he still likes to rub his hand around it.   I don’t know about this stuff.  I went to my doctor and told him I was stressed, he gave me some tranquilizers, and then he examined me.  He pushed his dick hard against my shoulder and I acted like I didn’t notice and wondered if he knew how much he turns me on.  How easy it would be to turn my head and take him in me, maybe that is why he did it?  My doctor is very hot.  I would love to fuck him,but I am not supposed to fuck anyone because I am married.

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Oh I don’t know why the pink one is so small,  they were all meant to be pink and black and white, but I could not and my boss has split up with his wife but then she is showing around and desperate and freaking me out.


You can see how my tits bring the pockets up to be wing-things.   If I were to put my hands in my pockets, they would be touching my nipples.  I wonder if it would turn file-cabinet boss who has been very cranky to see this other guy sticking his hand between my ass again.  I wonder if he will.  I feel like boss has let people know I am his,but idk. I know I have no sense, no boundaries. I don’t trust myself.


I wish everyone could feel loved.  Sometimes I feel like I love everyone but then I have to call customer service or something and dial in my account number and my social security number and then get this really bored person who really does not want to help me and my love turns into rage.

Cabinet boss, well he feels so much more important than me.

I don’t know what to do and am avoiding it.  

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I think I made another slide show.  I like the images moving.  It took a long time and I know you can’t totally tell what is going on.  There is an ass pic.  you can kinda see my pantie line and I am bending forward.  There is one with my leg next to my tit.  It is not my arm.  The others I think you can tell.

The work shirt one hurts to look at.  I hate the feeling of my titties being mashed.

Pussy Patrol

I don’t even know how that last post ended up on my other blog that is supposed to be not about sex and doesn’t even exist.   Life has been okay, I am doing better in some ways.  Less vodka, more pills.  My husband has been pretty nice but still he is mainly interested in making sure he is the only one who touches my jay-jay.  When I talk about other stuff it is clearly boring.

Who touches me?  He does, a lot, but file-cabinet boss has been gone,  but he left his wife, which stresses me out.  I have only seen him a few times and just thinking about him makes me a whole lot of things.  It is weird, people are so worried about me being a slut, a whore, who is sticking their dick in me.

I am a woman who enjoys sex, that makes me less of a person, someone who should be bullied.  In some parts of the world, that makes me someone who should be stoned to death.  Why?


Try here

I Wonder

What sex would be like without shame, and I think I made  a slide show 

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Sisters and Breakups


First, sisters, as I have said, I have two, both younger.  I don’t know them all that well because I was shoved out of the house to my aunts at an early age for my own good.   The middle one has our mom’s not our grandmoms’s tits.  I have grandma’s tits, lol, so does baby sis.    I was looking at baby sis’s pictures today, we don’t look alike except our bodies and she actually has a cute ass,  I had this weird thought.  Baby sis turns me on, I mean not like I want to be gross with her, but wow, she is super cute.  She is also very sweet.  She is one of the nicest people you would ever want to meet.

I thought of middle sis, the titless.  It is weird when I look at other women, I usually don’t think about their tits at all, I mostly think of how it feels to be around them, happy or mean.  I love happy, sick of the mean.  It feels mean to be around middle sister,  and because she is my sister, I look at her and think “where are your tits?”  I mean unlike other women, it seems like they are missing on her, other women look normal to me.   She does have tits, I am not being fair, I am a bit pissed at her for being so smug as of late.  It is true, she is more successful than me or baby sis, she has more self-esteem in a way.  But she makes a big show about how loving she is, and she is actually superior and bitchy.   Okay, I did not say that.

The friend I “broke up with” recently, um maybe we are not broken up now.  He was mad that I kissed his friend but it was just a kiss, a kiss to a very nice person.  That is okay.  But after going all hurt, now friend is making  jokes all the time that seem to feature cum in the boatloads, but not obvious, just like “Pearls, spillage, explosion, dripping, white stuff, load”   and his assistant, who I think is in love with him like he is a meal-ticket always laughs and says “good one”    She smells.  I wish she wouldn’t.  I feel bad for saying that, but I wish she would not have to be on top of me all the time, not literally, but really, it is gross.   She always has to be better than me.  She always has to be sucking all the energy out of the room.  Oh I am really going to hell now.    God I feel guilty for saying that but I also want her off me.   She is wonderful, I just want her to be wonderful on her own self not on me.

The point is I am getting the vibe that friend wants to fuck me again now, but not like before, a grudge fuck.  It makes me unsure about how I feel about him.