I promise I will learn to take better pictures



The thing I notice is sex has a real relationship to stress for me, when I feel most alone, I act out that way.   It is hard to take not-boring pictures esp when it is your same old boring body.

Next Time Coked-Out Celeb Is In Town, Will You Take Care of Him?

I looked over at the man saying that to me.

“I’ll call K.  she can call you and you can take care of him  “he said.  I guess he is in the biz of getting women for famous guy who fucks a lot.

“Sure” I said.  I didn’t mean it.  I will not.  I could meet him but no, gross-out from here.   Disgusting.  I am disgusted, because this guy is famous I am at his disposal, I will play but not how they are thinking I will.   He will never be inside me. 

Some man was asking about my bra size


Like I could answer that, I mean I can to a chick who has to special order.  Then it would be easy, to a man?  no, which reminds me, why do I keep talking to perverts and why am I a pervert?

I Haven’t Fucked You, So Don’t You Owe Me?

He asked.

I didn’t say anything.

I just looked at him.  “Come here” he said.

I walked up to him.   “Blow me” he said putting his hand on top of my head and pushing me down.  “My pants”  he said.  I looked up at him and unbuckled his belt.  “Stand-up”  he said.  I did.  He pulled my shirt off, my bra.  “Okay, back down”  I went back down.  I pulled his boxers down.  I stuck him in my mouth and sucked with enthusiasm.  I knocked my tits into his legs.  “Look at me” he said.  I did.   I got tired.  I sat back on my knees and ankles.

“Finish the job” he said.  I put my mouth on him again.  He put both his hands on my head pulling it close, then very suddenly it felt like his cum was all inside my mouth, like a big square, really, just no cum then lots.   He held me close to his dick.  He looked down at me, “Swallow”  “look at me”  I did both.

He pulled slowly out of me, “You are a good girl,” he slapped my cheek with his dick on the left and the right.  “Stand-up” I did, he turned me around.  He spread my other cheeks.  “nice” he gave me a slap.  I got dressed quickly, I left.   I grabbed the other girl who was there with me.  We got something to eat.  “I just don’t want the taste of his cum in me right now I explained.”  She rolled her eyes, as if to say I know.  But she didn’t have to suck him off.   I had watched her do other things but not as degrading, which weirdly made me feel comforted.

He should have told me he was cumming, I complained.  She agreed.




So okay, this is kind of a weird picture.  It is of a camisole (?)  but it pulls and pushes.   It gives me lots of room in some places and binds me in others.

So as I said, I fucked my file-cabinet boss.  I didn’t mean to, but I did, and it was kind of kinky.  So fine.  


That is my leg in the pic.  but whatever.  So I fucked my boss.  So then he separated from his wife.  So that felt guilty.  It also felt like a relief.  The first time I knew he wanted to fuck me was at a work party, I blew it off, I figured he was just drinking.   But he turns me on, so that happened.   I didn’t want to lose my job so I tried to be friends with his wife.  Then she stopped being in our office.

She is back.  They are reconciling, which is good.  I guess?

Why do I feel jealous?

She makes me feel guilty.  He still puts his hand on my ass, right in front of her.  He still leans into my chest in a way he didn’t before.  She puts herself all over him, to let me know he is hers.  I know.  I don’t want to come in between them, they should be happy.   I just act like I don’t notice.  I don’t know what she knows. I do notice.   We just fucked, that should be no big deal, really.  It makes me feel like shit though.