Other Women Can Be The Worst


I have to re-write this post which frustrates me.I lost it.  The whole point was about some woman from the midwest with over-processed hair, with over smugness.  Who kept grabbing my body during business stuff.  I asked her twice, I asked her keatin hair, her fake boobs, her collagen lips, her botox face twice.    She acted like she couldn’t hear me.

When my moment came finally to show what I had been working on, she interrupted me, she said, “Oh even these arms are so cute, look at these tiny little arms!”  and she grabbed my arm.   I looked out at the conference room, I saw cabinet file boss looking like this is normal behavior, I saw the friend that I fucked the other night,who also comes from money looking like this is kind of entertaining.   I saw the Jewish CPA looking confused and hungover.  I saw the Chinese business man leaning forward.

I am on stage with midwestern cunt.  I did not know how to react.   I got her off my arm,what a creeper.   Women can be the worst.   She pretends to compliment me while undermining everything I have given my heart into.  I look back into the room of men. I have a marriage in the shits, these guys, I don’t know what they know. I forgive myself a  bit.Why would I not fall into their arms when women can be so demeaning.

I go back to work, the very cool woman who I work closely with,who by the way is blonde, thin , and has tits.   Sometimes they seem like the only nice people to me.  I can tell she is picking up on my distress.  “Is there anything I can do?” she asks,her eyes look teary.    I don’t think  so, I say, “Let’s just work” so we do.

I Fucked Him Anyway

I wasn’t interested, I wasn’t uninterested. His bigness made me curious.  Tall, which I know me, doesn’t mean much, but taller than most,broader.  I wondered how he would feel.    I am under file-cabinet’s boss control completely, I don’t even know if he is interested in me, really.   I had a dream that he held me down and spit in my face.  I woke up upset.  Total submission. Still he is not around a lot.

So yeah,  his friend bought me dinner, we went for a walk, a drink.

Then we were back at his place.  I acted so docile.  I don’t know why I do that.  I sucked his dick, but he was anxious, so he laid me back on his bed.  It didn’t hurt very much, His body-weight didn’t hurt, I sank into his mattress.  I made him promise not to tell anyone.  How can I tell?  I think men tell.  Will I get fired?

All I could think later is at least I was wearing my favorite bra.