Can’t Keep All the Titty Pic.s straight

Can't Keep All the Titty Pic.s straight

So my couple has been away and I have been fucking pretty much everyone. I don’t understand it. Even a chick who was a hair puller. I am only used to men pulling hair.

So many nights with strangers, I can’t wait until my couple comes back. Last night, making goo-goo sounds as my head was pulled down on some guy’s cock. He pushed me down fast and hard so I kinda choked. And made weird goo-goo sounds

Oh P.S. I started a facebook page I don’t have any friends atm but if you want to friend me that would make me so happy. It is under my real name.

I saved too many pic.s called “Tits”



So I have been living with this couple since my husband left me`

But they travel sometimes.   Again I have to apologize for not being the best editor.   Okay, so I live with them and they are a bit older than me and I almost feel like I am being parented by them, except they are horny as fuck and wear my pussy out like you would not believe.

The wife actually has bigger tits than me, and they are so beautiful, but she is also believe it or not, shorter than me!  Which is awesome because I am used to being the wee-bit, and I still am in a way because I am smaller, but it is different.   It makes me feel less alone.

The husband makes a lot of money, so I feel protected even if I don’t really get anything.   I do get meals, I do get listened too, which is new for me.  I still feel horribly insecure and they notice that.  I can’t sleep, I have a very alarmed startle response.  It is weird, I feel like a wild-animal in their universe.

I am not used to not getting hit. I keep expecting them to rain a rage of anger on me.   I have even gone as far to confront her and say, “why haven’t you told me I am a bad person yet?”  and she was surprised that I would ask such a question.  I can’t even relate to that. Surprised?

But then I am still me, they go away for the weekend, I meet my friend in a bar, a chicka, but then she has to leave, another girl says, that is cool, I say I should leave too, I feel a bit drunk and she says let me buy you one more drink and  I of  course say okay and then her tongue is in my mouth and then I don’t feel capable of getting home and then I am on her bed…

The next night they are gone, I am with a friend who is not a girl, but a guy, who laughed about it later, of course I was drinking and trying to get away from his dick because I am little, and it does hurt and he got rug-burns chasing me around the carpet.   I kept trying to scoot away and he kept going after me, so he ended up with rug-burns which is funny because I kind of have permanent scars on my knees.

He said later, I love to hear you make that squeal, that sound, that hum, oh that makes me feel so…


“powerful?”  I asked.


“Yes” he answered. “I love the way you shake”


My couple came home and were really sweet and she asked me at one point if I was okay, I said of course.   I fell into orgasms with her.