So Feeling Pretty Happy

fatgirlIdk, so most of the time I am at my couple’s house and it is very chill. They are so nice to me. It is very different than being with a man who wants you to fulfill his every wish. I am just their toy, which in a way is the best relationship I have ever had. They are not mean or possessive. They are generous and kind.

My favorite is when I am kissing on her, on top of her and he ploughs me from behind. Usually he pulls out an sprays it on me, but sometimes he just buries it deep and it drips out later. They don’t even mind if I am out on the town and some guy says to me the minute I saw you I honed in like a heat-seeking missle and that line works on me and I let him buy me dinner and then explode into me and tremble and shake in ecstacy. They like it, it turns them on. Well life is life. plasticlooks

my tits look weird in this pic. So I am adding another.