WordPress is sucking, Good Things

Yes, well, the last gratuitous titty pic. was meant to be with this post, because am so convinced if there are no titties there is no reason a man will care.   Mostly,because I am a sweet little pin-cushion,although puppies are coming back in style, so there are a lot more puppies than me around.

I want to talk about the rape, ha ha ilke it is a first. I will say my very bad flinching is wose, but no cannot talk about it, okay maybe can, he pinned me like a wrestler I pushed him off as hard as I could.  Being little he was easily twice my size.  Most men shove off when you push even softly..

He pinned me. 

The nice thing was he came pretty quick, he talked to me about my pussy which made me want to throw up on his face, his dick was so big it made me tremble, oh yeah so hard to do giant 

The weird part is I can’t remember what he did at the end, he may of spit on my back, or he may have tried to cuddle, like a lover, what I do remember is saying, “I let you get what you wanted leave me the fuck alone”

I hate that he was in me 

I could say more about the set-up, which looking back, I was such a fool. They wanted to humiliate me, they did. 

Good Things






Why I get raped

Over and overIImage



The worst part was who I thought was my really good girlfriend set me up for Rapey Mc Raperson.  That was foul.   Yeah, gotta love women, they are so fucking kind  Oh be jealous of me, my life has been so easy.   Fuck me over some more because I have been eating out of the land of honey. 

oh boobies

oh boobies