I Have Been Very Good Except the One Time and Well Since …

I haven’t had sex with multiple partners since I was with my not-husband, the one before that, I don’t think. I mean maybe, but for the most part have been very conservative, even since my ex-husband left me.  Outside of the pet play, couple, maybe a couple of couples but whatever. 

I know I have come close to incesty things before, but never with kids, because that is gross, my uncle and mr. munchy-munch my tits, and then the brothers when I was so in love with the boy whose brother thought it would be fun to make me his puppy too.  Funny when I did do pet-play, I did pick  puppy, that was my choice.   Kitten was theirs but I found that boring. 

So, about  a week or so ago I was at my friend’s work, we have been friends for a long time, he recently got married.  We had never made out before but I am not sure what happened but I am sitting on his lap and we are making out when his Dad comes in.  His Dad is all super preachy-creepy Christian.  So he starts in on my friend about sinning or whatnot and my friend turns me around as way as explanation and lifts my top up. Image


and then you know the next thing A.’s Dad wants is me to sit on his lap, which is weird, and I don’t want to, but A. pushes me on, and I do.  So Daddy starts doing the munchy on myself, which reminds me of stuff from before which makes me all docile and hypnotized.  It is amazing how long some men can suck on your tit, chew it like a Snickers bar.  Some how A. manages after what seems like a good long do I have a tit left time to stick his dick in my mouth while Daddy is still chewing on me like dog with a bone. 

It all gets pretty unclear after that, except I remember being pulled off the chair and Daddy not wanting to let my tit go, it got all long and drawn out, I don’t know where the other men came from, I just remember looking over and seeing way too many men, and only recognizing one of them.   

And Christian Daddy getting hella bossy about who and when and how.   As anyone who has done this knows once you get two set of hands on you, you really don’t know what is happening.  More than that, it is just well you don’t know who is touching you are when.  
I don’t mind that so much, or even the dicks on my face, or the buckets of cum on me, or Daddy thinking it would be a good idea to write whore on my belly after the end with a sharpie.

A lot of it makes me feel very desired.  Which is kinky and good.  What I could do without is the ass and titty fucking. And the giant dicks which they think are so funny to ram up inside of me.   Men always tell me to relax, that I will get used to it, but at the same time they laugh when they see me shake, when they see my legs tremble. 

I laughed this morning though when I got the pictures of me covered in most important Daddys cum and friends cum.  Asking for a rematch.  Am not sharing the one of my face, lol.   I’ll think about it, have been pretty loyal, but there is something to it you know. Something to the confusing ecstasy of being thrown around like a rag doll, something to watching a hypocrite get down and dirty and hearing him moan in ecstasy while he is inside of you.  I am pretty sure I didn’t fuck more than seven of them, but how many dicks I sucked, however quickly, I bet good Christian daddy kept count of what a whore I am.  Makes me laugh.  At least whores earn their keep.





I Know I Shouldn’t Have





But I did so I guess it is too late


Idk, there is something I can’t explain about getting tossed around and not knowing whose hands are on you that is crazy. I know I shouldn’t have let them take pictures but everyone has an iphone, and it does sound bad, but I could see myself and something about titties bouncing, even my own, makes me just lose all sense. 

I do feel shame, but I feel all kinds of other feelings too