Keeping a diary of how I am effected by having large breasts.

16 Comments on “About”

  1. The Doctor says:

    Your blog is fascinating … most women are more than just a pair of tits …

  2. I love this – I’m a member of your club and I’ve hated them so often it’s not funny. Current boyfriend has helped me come so far with my body image. Go on with your bad self and wear the tight, low cut stuff. You have a tiny waist and look amazing! Keep it up. I’m following.

    • mstitty says:

      Wow, thank you so much. It means so much esp. coming from a woman who knows what I am talking about. Really, I could just hug you.

      I am so not ready for low-cut–tight, I actually like. Thanks for following, I will check out your blog too. 🙂

    • mstitty says:

      p.s. not to be too spazzy, but I went to your blog, you are beautiful and amazing and have gorgeous titties. I totally get the self-hate part, but that is probably because of the stigma. I mean as someone who is not carrying around your particular pair, I look at your body and think *lovely* I think happy thoughts like when I was looking at that one woman’s ass in my other post. I think it was called “The shape of things” or something like that if you didn’t read it.

      And you are smart and funny and creative. Tittage is not something that makes us dumb! There is nothing not to love about your boobies, don’t h8t! I mean I get it, I do, but it isn’t us. It is them.

  3. I can’t find you’re email. If you’re intrested in what I’d like to send email me at terriblytorn13@gmail.com and I will send you what I was thinking.

  4. Awe, thanks. You are very lovely yourself. I think you’ve got me beat on boobage.
    Not that there is some secret boobie competition but I liked the way it sounds.

  5. Let me know if you change the title of your blog again …

  6. H.H. says:

    Lovely, lovey. Come on by and check us out: mysexlifewithlola. See you there.

  7. graypoet says:

    Just wanted to say I found your blog off someone I follow. Lovely lady, captured my attention and not just with the photos. I look forward to reading more.

  8. daniel says:

    are you ever coming back to post ??

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