Can’t Keep All the Titty Pic.s straight

Can't Keep All the Titty Pic.s straight

So my couple has been away and I have been fucking pretty much everyone. I don’t understand it. Even a chick who was a hair puller. I am only used to men pulling hair.

So many nights with strangers, I can’t wait until my couple comes back. Last night, making goo-goo sounds as my head was pulled down on some guy’s cock. He pushed me down fast and hard so I kinda choked. And made weird goo-goo sounds

Oh P.S. I started a facebook page I don’t have any friends atm but if you want to friend me that would make me so happy. It is under my real name.

I Found This Cool Jacket

Of course I can’t wear it.  At first I have a bra on, it mashes me down and makes the buttons fit closer but squeezes me together.  I become looser and looser.

I think cabinet guy is mad at me and have to work with grabbing ass guy tomorrow. I don’t have an interesting ass, but he still likes to rub his hand around it.   I don’t know about this stuff.  I went to my doctor and told him I was stressed, he gave me some tranquilizers, and then he examined me.  He pushed his dick hard against my shoulder and I acted like I didn’t notice and wondered if he knew how much he turns me on.  How easy it would be to turn my head and take him in me, maybe that is why he did it?  My doctor is very hot.  I would love to fuck him,but I am not supposed to fuck anyone because I am married.

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Oh I don’t know why the pink one is so small,  they were all meant to be pink and black and white, but I could not and my boss has split up with his wife but then she is showing around and desperate and freaking me out.


You can see how my tits bring the pockets up to be wing-things.   If I were to put my hands in my pockets, they would be touching my nipples.  I wonder if it would turn file-cabinet boss who has been very cranky to see this other guy sticking his hand between my ass again.  I wonder if he will.  I feel like boss has let people know I am his,but idk. I know I have no sense, no boundaries. I don’t trust myself.

So What Do I Do Now?

I don’t know.   I don’t know.  It felt so good in the moment, but now there are waves of guilt and shame.   I mean I know he is married, but that is not my fault.   I think of him being married, and then I remember him holding his hands on my hips, him guiding me onto him.   Over and over.  It is not like I forced him.  It is not like he didn’t seem to really like it.   he actually seemed really sure of himself, sure of what he wanted to do.

I mean I sucked him off for a while then he seemed to pull me up like a super-hero and turn me around, and then I was over his desk, and then the fucking.  Just, he didn’t seem uncertain.  He pushed against me hard and quick.  Maybe even harder and quicker than anyone but Z.  just he found me so fast and then push, push, push. and then pulling my hair, which always turns me on.

Oh and it feeling like he hit my brain every time.  So hard.   The white lights hitting my brains, me squealing, him pulling one my head with one hand and pulling on my hips with the other.  With the occasional spank, at the same time telling me to shh, shh, be a good girl, shh.   Then he came just really into me.  He pulled me into him and it hurt but felt so good.     Then he pulled back out.   I didn’t tell this part before.  But he sat back in his chair.  I started to move around, but he said, “stop”  and pushed me back.    So I was still spread open over his desk.    “Hold on” he said.  I sat there exposed for a few minutes, bent over, legs spread.  Then his cum started to spill out of me.    “That is nice” he said.   He pooled some of it on his finger and stuck it in my mouth, bending over my back.  “That is nice”  he said.

I called in sick today again.



Boobies Are Fun, They Are Not Bad




Sorry had to take a break, nothing personal to anyone.  Just me freaking out.

So thinking of something happy.   Been really concentrating on being confident, but people keep talking about them you know?

I haven’t been eating, so they are shrinking somewhat which my file-cabinet boss has been complaining about.

So thinking about a happy time.  As I said, I was with Ex. who was whatever he was, but then we traveled, sometimes me with him, sometimes not.  This one time we went to the midwest, oh yeah, the pool.


Ex and friend left for a while to go by more alcohol I think.   He left me there with a stranger.  A nice guy just a few years older than me.  I was almost 20.  We had been doing bumps all night.  So then I was there in the hot tub.  Stranger-boy was lifting my bikini top off, he was wrapping his hands around me.

I felt shy so I jumped into the coolness of the pool.  Stranger boy jumped in after me.  We played a bit in the water then he pulled me back over on the steps.  We sat on the steps together for a bit, then he pulled me on top of him, then he drove my hips down.   And then aftewards we went back into the jacuzzi-oozie but at this point I was naked.   Ex. came back with friend and alcohol,   I was naked and giggly.  Stranger boy was nervous.

Ex.  said, don’t worry about bunny, he reached over and squeezed me, this is how we like her.    He pulled me close to him.  I hugged him.  Then he said, “do her again” and midwestern boy did.   But man the leaning over the cement things sucked.

Way More Vain Than I Thought and Fantasy

Cannot stand the last pictures of me on this blog, cannot.

This one is a bit better, not much. 



Yeah, those last two photos of me looking like shit kind of upset me, although am not sure this is much better, think it is a little bit better.


Oh and thinking life is good in the fun-sized zone, maybe for some people, but with most men, they don’t like the pressure. Anymore than I do.

Recently at a party a man was having a joking conversation with my husband and leaned in and said, “My what a pretty little girl you have got yourself there” husband put down his drink and looked at him stonily.  I awkwardly said, “thank you”

When I was in the midst of breaking up with Ex. and we were in counseling, and about our relationship, and how it was to deal with me and his peers, which were of course much older than me.   I mean he knew that going in.   I sat there and he whined, “I mean she is so young, so blonde, so curvaceous” he looked pained he was talking about the people he wanted to impress.   “It is embarrassing!

“I am embarrassed of her” 


Which is kind of like my life, you know, alone with a lover I am fine, out in the world, no.   He was embarrassed because the people he wanted to impress looked at us as a couple and thought, “fucking, fucking, fucking”   Just like people look at me and think fuck, fuck, fuck.

Just like my friend I used to lez off with, of course I lezzed off read my blog, I did it.  Got a question?  I did it, not with children but otherwise, I did it. or maybe not?   Idk.  I did a lot of things.  I mean no peeing or pooping things.  But anyway went to go see lez-off friend one time, she was living with a bf and he was drinking and drinking and he knew about our past and then he shouted at me, “Are you here to steal my girlfriend back?”  I said no.  She looked at me.

Fantasy is one thing, living it is quite another.