Whore for Grandpa and Friends



So I have been very good as of late, but then I let this ‘friend’ of mine talk me into a favor.  He is a salesman, and was going to try to entertain what he told me were two grandpas from out of town and it was no thing, etc. etc.

Which honestly, it wasn’t a big thing, I didn’t like the one grandpa so much, and he failed to mention the grandsons, but the one I did like, and of course I needed some generosity.  So I showed up, like I promised in a small white shirt and a little plaid skirt without undies.  I went up to their room, they were from Israel, so naturally, like to humiliate blonde girls.  Hairy and chubby.  But weirdly for a while have gotten off on sitting on hairy chubby old guys, having some kind of early experience redux fantasy.  

So I was having fun, sitting on grandpa number 1,  letting him chomp on me like I don’t know, very chompy titties, rubbing his hands up my skirt, nom nom nom.  Grandpa 2 was not so fun.  Totally fascinated not with me, but what he could stick in my ass, hotel pen, etc. Way more into kink, domination, wanted to take me from Grandpa one and be super weird. Which happened way faster than I was ready for.

Grandpa2 was also very into recording me and look at me, look at me, open her blue eyes, slapping his dick around my face, which wasn’t even hard.  I wanted to stay with Grandpa 1 and play around but he was more passive than Grandpa 2, and in no time they had me tied against the bed.  Which I knew was part of the deal, they didn’t tie my legs though, just my arms and then the ass thing again.  But he wanted to take pictures of my face which was weird, oh and make me bounce, oh the fat titties bounce.  Then the three nephews–

I don’t think they were really nephews, but they were not weird like Grandpa 2, by my face, making me look at him the whole time, so he could record me with his phone. Super into humiliating me.  They were just normal guys wanting to fuck, only the first one was so big he brought tears to my eyes, but not so bad, or unusual for me, I clench too much,  then I learn to adjust.  

They actually seemed really quick, but then I had not eaten all day. The first I naturally remember most.   I squealed, I love that part, but I could tell he wanted me to stop, Grandpa 2 liked that and made sure he recorded that.  I kind of passed out at the end of 3.  Then Grandpa 2 wanted to stick the hotel pen in my ass again. No one else was that kinky. I didn’t get that much cum on me.  at the end of it all, Grandpa 2 was making every one record me with their phones while he made my tits shake.  In a way, it was somewhat disappointing. 

Then Grandpa 2 untied me, while Grandpa 1 just sat there all lazy like stroking himself.  He had nephew one, the biggest take me from behind while the other nephews hit their dicks playfully against my face while he tried to get himself and Grandpa 1 to take pictures, although Grandpa one seemed more into rubbing his dick and not caring.   I did scream esp. when nephew 1 went where Grandpa 2 liked his hotel pen, on grandpa 2’s direction.  I don’t know.   Something gets lost though when Grandpa 2 is making everything not so sexy. 

He finally did get Nephew 1 to come on my face, but then made me say it was him, Grandpa 2 and thank him by name in his stupid i-phone.   Grandpa 2 wants me to visit him again.  

Maybe.  The nice thing about being tied up is you feel so free from responsibility. I feel like I should be upset about how many recorded sex acts I have been a party to, but I don’t.  A lot at this point. It reminds me a bit of when I entertained the Germans with the rhinestone collar.  Idk.